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Black Friday Blues | My Money Track


Black Friday Blues

Waiting for door bustersCrazed crowds lined up before dawn to jam stores again this morning, with everyone vying to get their holiday hands on door buster deals. Some savvy shopping Santa wanna’-be’s, will literally camp out overnight outside store doors in hopes of being first inside. Like the two women in Florida who camped outside a Best Buy store for nine days?! Unfortunately, this insane and oft comical behavior also has its dark side…

In 2008, two men got into a fight inside Toys-R-Us and ended up shooting and killing each other in the electronics department.

A couple of years ago, a Walmart worker in in Long Island was trampled to death by vicious value seekers when she was unable to escape the throngs stampede after she opened the store doors.black-friday-start

A 64 year old man was shot after purchasing his black Friday big screen TV by two hoodlums in the parking lot. Ironically, the crazed criminals abandoned their booty when it was too large to fit into their get-away-car! Luckily, the victim survived his injuries.

My personal story of crazed consumers is that of my dear friend who was standing near a stash of scooter specials waiting to be unveiled; when she was tackled by a black man on black Friday inside a local Dallas, Ft. Worth Walmart. fight over flat screensHe then sat on top of her, hurling threatening expletives and no one, not even the employees came to her rescue! She was able to wrestle free of the fool. Adding insult to injury, she wasn’t even wanting one of the scooters; she was there accompanying a family member who did purchase one. She was flustered and just wanted to leave with her black and blue, black Friday bruises and utter embarrassment. Even though the incident was captured on store surveillance video (the culprit was not captured), she refused to press charges and vows to never again go near the feeding frenzy of holiday shoppers on black Friday and those door buster deals. Some of those “deals” are a bit of a fraud but baby boomers, gen-x and millennials can’t seem to get enough of them!

santas crossing streetAs a professional investment advisor with thirty years experience helping people plan their retirement, I am continually confounded with how much effort and energy these baby boomers, millennials and generation x – ers exert on getting the best local deal on material trinkets that will soon be obsolete and forgotten.

Yet rarely will they invest a fraction of that amount of time in obtaining the best local investment and retirement advice. Advice and help that could ensure their successful financial future.XmasShopping online With a little smart planning, one’s IRA and 401k rollover could be invested in such a way that one day, all their holiday purchases and holiday vacations would be paid for in full. Even better, there is a simple but secret lifetime income solution that would provide a secure and totally income tax free retirement!

How cool would it be to give your children a few shares of Apple or Disney stock that with reinvested dividends, could be worth tens of thousands of dollars when they are ready for retirement?

sants shoppingBe as wise as the three wise men and after all the holiday hoopla, make time to visit your best local investment advisor and begin your planning on portfolio purchases that will give gifts for a lifetime. You may even figure out how to set up your best annuity that will pay off like a slot machine. We can help you. Please feel welcome to contact Michael Ham, founder of My Money Track; and you won’t need to travel for weeks, following a star to meet with us in our offices!

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