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Want to save your budget? Stop overlooking these expenses!

Are you putting too much effort in arranging money for paying bills? In that case, you need to revisit your budget right now. Drafting a perfect budget is a strenuous job. On top of that, if you overlook certain expenses, it can surely break your bank. Check out these overlooked expenses that can take a […]

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Ramsey is Wrong!

C’mon man! Get real Dave. We baby boomers and generation x –ers all know you are a well publicized personal financial guru, and your basic mantra of spend less, pay off debt is marvelous. However, we think it’d be best if you stick-to-your-knitting and stop misleading people who invest in their 401k, IRA and Roth IRA. You website […]

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Fed raising interest rates… so what?

While most of us will read the headlines about rising interest rates; many will just give it a cursory glance. With terrorism and ISIL attacks on the rise and massive layoffs in the oil and energy industries (and in retail too, Macy’s just announced massive job cuts, Trump gloats); the actions of our Federal Reserve Bank easily […]

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Debt Got You Down?

Mark Cuban publicly stated he believes the next financial crisis in America will be over our massive student loan debt. If this loan bubble burst, it could lead to a disaster like the financial crisis of 2008. Few Baby Boomers, Generation X or Generation Z Millennials are aware of the $1.2 trillion debt owed. This […]

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Secret Strategy to Beat the S&P 500 Index

Less than 20% of all professionally managed mutual funds and their esteemed money managers consistently beat the S&P 500 Index when managing your money. Not surprising then, very few individuals or local investment advisors perform any better. In fact according to Dalbar, for over twenty years most investors woefully lag the S&P 500 index or […]

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The Big Lie; Social Security

  Baby Boomers, gen x and gen z millennials are usually pretty savvy about discerning truth from Bull Sh$t, especially when it comes to political elections or issues concerning human rights. We boomers were raised on ideals of equality and justice for all no matter race, creed, color or religion. In fact we boomers and […]

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Fraud is Back and Growing

Specifically, mortgage fraud is back and growing.  This suspicion can be easily confirmed with mortgage application fraud rising with the sudden re-emergence of home-flipping and the “get-rich quick – find it, finance it, flip it” seminars, proliferating in the local Dallas and Ft. Worth areas. Tune into any of the local AM radio stations and […]

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