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Creative Solutions for Your Money | My Money Track


Creative Solutions for Your Money

Creative ways to deal with your money problems.

Dalla and TrinityRiverOur economy and stock market both go through cycles. There are times or seasons to be conservative and times to be less so. At the top left of this page, look or “click” on the chart of 116 years of history of the Dow Jones Industrials index. The chart illustrates what we should already know; some economic cycles are better than others for growth. At My Money Track, we feel that we are currently in a prolonged secular, volatile and poor performing market (bear) and may remain in such for an extended period of time, due to the following facts:

  • S&P 500 since 1997Huge National Debt ($18 trillion and growing)
  • Record numbers of unemployed and under employed citizens
  • Global unrest and uncertainty about money
  • War Lords in Russia, North Korea and the Middle East
  • Looming hyper inflation such as the mid 1970’s
  • ISIS Terrorist Attacks

Why risk your “financial life” and contentment on non-guaranteed investment returns. Baby Boomers and Generation X both want and need the best investment plan that will preserve and grow their retirement income, regardless of how the stock or bond market performs. The best retirement plan is one that is guaranteed not to lose money and increase in value every year. This is readily attainable if you have the proper advice and help.

We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy when others are fearful.

– Warren Buffett
Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett
The facts are that we generally suck at investing.The stock market in 2015 continues to confound and confuse investors. With one month remaining in the year, the S&P 500 index has turned negative. And for the past fifteen years, the average annual gain in price performance on this index has been less than 3%! That’s a very bumpy and oft upsetting ride for such measly return. Bumpy RideThe old investment theory popularized in the 1980’s of buy and hold has morphed into “buy and hope.” This once glorified modern portfolio theory of “asset allocation” is more like “asset defecation.” This asset allocation philosophy that scholars and Nobel Prize winners believed would keep our money safe and growing throughout all market cycles has not worked at all in the “real world.” Alas, we have learned time and again since the first market bubble burst after Y2K, that in a…

bear market the ONLY thing that goes up is correlation and everything except investments held in cash all decline in value.

The problem for the past ten years is that yields on savings accounts, money markets and Certificates of Deposits (CD’s) have lingered at near zero percent, while inflation continued to creep up more than zero percent. Factor in income taxes due on the paltry interest earned from cash type investments and almost every baby boomer, senior and generation x investor have lost money.

Why wouldn’t one consider a proven alternative strategy that has earned over 7% on average annually?

cuban on debtIt is so frustrating watching our local friends and neighbors suffer financially and yet not reach out for help and advice from reliable, reputable financial advisors who have a concrete, proven solution. A solution that has been relatively secret until recently; allows ultimate flexibility and liquidity for unforeseen emergencies such as critical illness or injury from day one.

The Wall Street fat cats and firms who offer securities such as mutual funds prefer you not learn about this solution; they generally don’t or legally can’t offer it. Stock Brokers earn their money from fees and commissions. Our creative strategy is both commission free and can be structured without management fees.

Not only will this solution potentially defuse the income tax time bomb ticking in your IRA and 401k…

cashIt will ensure that you will have a lifetime income of monthly checks. A strategy that could also provide income totally income tax-free. With the losses that continue to stack up in the stock market, oil fields and gold mines, isn’t it time to just simply take a look at this proven strategy? My Money Track and Michael Ham offers a complementary illustration of this “Indexing” solution for local Dallas and Ft. Worth individuals. It might completely change your opinion on what may be the best investment plan for you and your family.

It doesn’t matter how rich you are or how large or small are your assets. Every retiree or those nearing retirement deserves and needs to check out this plan.

Roller Coaster marketBack in the 1980’s and 90’s, mutual funds made sense when the stock market averaged nearly 18% returns each for 18 years. But that’s when the Baby Boomers (one out of four Americans are a Baby Boomer) were in their twenties and thirties and investing money into their 401k’s and IRA’s. But since the year 2000 (Y2K), the first baby boomers began turning age 70 and started withdrawing money out of their investments and IRA’s and stopped adding to their retirement accounts.

Today Boomers and Seniors alike are actually taking money out of the market to have money to live and survive. (See Dr. Harry Dent on Age Wave theory)  The sad reality of the mutual fund investment scam is that out of the 687 S&P 500 mutual funds that were in the top quartile as of March 2012, only 3.78% managed to stay there by the end of March 2014.

“research shows that the number of active mutual funds outperforming the market on a consistent basis isn’t just low, it’s zero“

Throwing Darts?In the book, Mutual Funds for Dummies, they report that of the #1 Top Performing stock or bond mutual fund each year over a twenty-year time period, the top one year performer became“worse than average” over the next five-year period. Some of the ALL STAR managers even became the WORST PERFORMING fund in their peer group!  One of them was Garrett Van Wagoner and his Emerging Growth Fund in 1995. Garrett was wildly popular and many financial magazines recommended investing into his “hot” stock mutual fund. And literally billions of dollars flowed into his fund. But for two years his fund performed very poorly. In 1999 he made a huge bet on technology stocks.  In that year (1999) his fund gained a whopping 291%, making his fund the #1 fund of the year. But in the next years that followed, Garrett’s mutual fund lost -21% in 2000, -60% in 2001 and -65% in 2002. Garrett Van Wagoner closed his fund finally in 2008.

Never confuse brilliance with recklessness.

Your Persaonl Pension PlanAren’t you tired of losing money? We offer help and advice on protected growth investment vehicles. Wouldn’t you like to see annual, contractually guaranteed increases by a financial institution?  Check out the details of risk free investments that will grow your retirement income account by 5% – 8% annually. Contact us today for your no obligation, free information.

The wealthy know the key to remaining wealthy is to never go backwards or lose money. Your quality of life will increase significantly when you are able to sleep and not worry about losing money in your retirement plan 401k, IRA or investment portfolio. Simply contact us now and get started with your new-found financial freedom.

You Suck at Investing

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